Yantai runjuxiang oil seal Co., Ltd. organizes rich and colorful sports and cultural activities

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, further enhance employees' fitness awareness, create a fitness atmosphere of national fitness and national participation, and better display employees' spiritual outlook. Since July, Yantai runjuxiang oil seal Co., Ltd. has orderly organized various sports associations to carry out rich and colorful sports and cultural activities.

football match

On the football field, at the beginning of the game, the two sides fought fiercely. The players from all departments were full of spirit and high morale. They applied their skills and tactics properly on the green ground, fought actively and did not give way to each other. They devoted themselves to the game with full enthusiasm, skilled skills and dedication. The players were enthusiastic and competed fiercely, and fully carried forward the sports spirit of teamwork and bravery. Finally, after 90 minutes of fierce competition, the two sides won 5-4. The first team of the Football Association beat the second team to win the championship of the game.

basketball match

In the basketball hall, laughter and laughter spread all over the court. The players on the court were full of energy, high momentum, eager to try; The audience was filled with enthusiasm and cheers; The battle situation on the field was extremely fierce. The score was high and low, and the low score party kept chasing. When the score of both sides was 66 points, the two sides steadily leveled the score, and the game situation reached a climax. There were 6 minutes before the end of the game. The partners of the technology center team played a wave of 11-2 climax, and finally won the partners of the production and logistics team by 77:68.

Badminton competition

In the badminton competition, the players followed the principle of friendship first and competition second, United, worked hard, flexibly used various tactics, and fully demonstrated the extraordinary skills of the players. The on-site duel was intense and the competition was wonderful. On the field, the fighting staff showed their style and showed their skills of high-range ball, smash, chop and drop ball incisively and vividly.

Billiards match

The billiards competition is conducted in the form of singles and doubles, two wins in three sets and elimination system. On the field, every player takes it seriously and checks the best hitting point. The players with high skills stand out, and their natural and unrestrained figure has become a special scenery.

The table tennis match

In this table tennis competition, there are two events of men's and women's singles. The players are generated by voluntary registration. At the competition site, the players have carried out many wonderful competitions in the spirit of "meeting friends and exchanging skills". The players have won bursts of applause from the audience from time to time with ingenious return of the ball, sharp smash and tacit cooperation, The atmosphere was very lively.

Through a series of sports and cultural activities, the vigorous and enterprising corporate cultural spirit of the company is demonstrated. In the next step, the company will continue to organize similar recreational and sports activities to enrich employees' spare time life, and advocate young employees to work happily, live happily and live a healthy life and actively participate in it.

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