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Create value for users, the company, employees and the society

Quality policy - establish professional dignity; Continuous improvement and innovation; Create first-class products; Win customer respect

Runjuxiang's mission -- changing made in China to created in China

Runxiang Spirit -- Unity, mutual assistance, dedication, dedication and innovation

Runxiang's value concept - seriousness, execution, integrity and communication

Runxiang's purpose - creating value for employees and society

The core concept of Runxiang is to create value for users, the company, employees and the society

Company vision

Vision of runjuxiang - establish the first brand in China and create a world-famous brand

Company style

Runxiang's work style -- rigorous and pragmatic, in-depth practice and bold innovation

The core concept of Runxiang is to create value for users, the company, employees and the society

Business philosophy: quality wins customers and reputation wins the market.

Service concept: meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations.

Management philosophy: innovation is the soul of the enterprise, and the process is the foundation of quality

Runxiang people's motto: be honest and do things carefully

Runxiang's working principle: serious, serious, careful, meticulous and meticulous.

Manager oath: obeying orders is the bounden duty of soldiers, and execution is the cornerstone of management. As a manager of RFX, I promise to obey the leadership unconditionally and implement the company's documents and regulations to the letter; Loyal to the company, honest to colleagues and customers, open-minded and positive attitude; Be strict with yourself, set an example, set an example, cultivate (New) people (enlighten) and use (New) people; Rigorous process, present things, pay attention to results without giving reasons; Continuous improvement and encourage innovation; Win without pride, lose without discouragement, strive for self-improvement and make concerted efforts to build a world-famous brand - RFX!

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