Balance Piston (also known as "return spring holder")

平衡活塞(也称 “回位弹簧保持架”)(图1)

平衡活塞(也称 “回位弹簧保持架”)(图2)

It is applied to at, DCT, CVT and HT. It provides return support for the clutch pressure piston of the transmission during gear shifting. It seals the centrifugal oil pressure generated by the rotation of the clutch in the balance chamber, which is well matched with the return spring and positioning circlip. It can withstand high and low temperatures of - 40 ~ 150 ℃, and can meet 2 million reciprocating cycles in the bench test. Targeted matching design can be carried out according to the oil cavity shape of different automatic transmissions. 

Product specification (matching shaft diameter - sealing aperture)

No.Fit shaft diameterSeal hole diameterApplication
155108.4DSI 6AT C1 Clutch
248105.45DSI 6AT C2 Clutch
366128.5DSI 6AT C3 Clutch
446.5118XUANFU 6AT28A01 C1 Clutch
551118.3XUANFU 6AT28A01 C2 Clutch
651118XUANFU 6AT28A01 C3 Clutch
747/CORUN HT2800 C0 Clutch
849108CORUN HT2800C1 Clutch
944118.6CORUN HT3800 Clutch
1048112.6JAEVR DHT10A Clutch

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